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Interview Tips!

Posted by Kailea Turner

Remember when I said I got a job from my first interview? I thought I could share some tips with you to help you for yours. Some of them are probably really straight forward, and in that case feel free to ignore, but some of them might just be what you need to land the job, so listen close caterpillar (god I am even talking like an sorta-adult know, gross)

So, as I am sure you know, first impressions are key in an interview.… Read More

Only gone and got a JOB!

Posted by Kailea Turner

Well check me out, only gone and got myself a GRADUATE JOB. I was one of the smart (stupid) ones who started applying for jobs before I had even handed in my dissertation. The truth is that getting rejections from employers in your 9am lectures – it’s not the best start to the day.… Read More

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