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Survival Cooking

Posted by Jackson Li

So it’s your first time on your own, living away from home. You’re nervous; you don’t know the first thing about looking after yourself… and you’re hungry. Don’t worry! Honestly, we’ve all been there.

First of all, it’s important not to fall into the trap of living on ready meals.… Read More

Eating well with limited resources

Posted by Eleanor Brooks Roadshow Blogger

I come to the realisation every so often that what I’m eating has begun to effect the way I feel and work. It’s no surprise after weeks of takeaways, crisps and chocolate and little actual vegetables that I become more lazy and just feel generally gross.… Read More

Oat-rage in the kitchen

Posted by Tom Coope

Inspired by recent television events and to commemorate the programme’s premature departure from the BBC, I thought I’d pay a simple tribute to The Great British Bake Off, by making a tray of flapjacks to thank all the staff at the GP surgery where I’ve been on placement for the last couple of months.… Read More

Protein Pancakes

Posted by Rachel Underhill

I know that Shrove Tuesday has been and gone, but I’m a big pancake lover and definitely don’t think they should be constricted to one day a year only! After all what better brunch is there than pancakes?!

Procrastination got the better of me this week, and I decided to make some pancakes.… Read More

Baking for Sport Relief

Posted by Rachel Underhill

Sport Relief is soon approaching (18th-20th March) and it means one fantastic thing … BAKE OFF IS BACK!!!

The Great Sport Relief Bake Off returned to our screens last week (with a fantastic week one win from Samantha Cameron and Kimberley Wash taking the star baker title this week) and it definitely inspired me to get busy in the kitchen.… Read More

Ready, Steady, Cook?

Posted by Tom Coope

It’s fair to say that the student stereotype is perhaps devoid of culinary prowess. I mean I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say that too often I reach for the convenience food sat waiting for me in the freezer drawer and of course, the odd pizza isn’t going to hurt anyone!… Read More

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