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3rd Year Fears

Posted by Kailea Turner

Everyone who talks to you about uni will tell you that the most important project you will do is your dissertation. AND ITS SCARY. Over the past few weeks we have been told to think long and hard about what it is we want to do for our dissertation projects.Read More

Y diwrnodau olaf

Posted by Sara Yassine

Mae’r misoedd diwethaf wedi bod yn brysur iawn. Wnes i roi mewn y traethawdissd hir o’r diwedd! Doedden i ddim mor hapus ag o’n i’n credu bydden i, a’r diwrnod nesaf roedden i’n barod yn hiraethu dros ysgrifennu traethodau. Dwi bron a gorffen gydag arholiadau, sydd hefyd yn eitha’ scary achos ar ôl hynny byddai ddim yn fyfyriwr rhagor.… Read More

Too many deadlines!

Posted by Kailea Turner

Okay so last week my worst university nightmare became a reality – I had 3 assignments due in on one day! Accumulating to about 6000 words! How is one supposed to write, edit and make 3 pieces of work worthy of being handed in all at once?!Read More

Cardiff, London, Paris!

Posted by Helena Fern

So whilst I’ve been rambling about our house over Easter, going to the library and working a bit, I decided to make an impromptu trip to London! I got the MegaBus down on Friday, my first ever! It was mostly uneventful, a bit more cramped than being on a train, and the toilet situation wasn’t great, but then the whole journey was only £8 so you can’t complain really!… Read More

Stuck at the procrastination station

Posted by Sara Yassine

Lately I have been the queen of procrastination, and with all the work that I have to do, this isn’t really the best thing. I’m sure I’m not alone with finding everything BUT revision/essay-writing exciting. I have slowly been trying to get out of this habit, and these are some of the things that have helped:

  1. Going into the library – I am one of those people that finds it impossible to do work at home, so even though I live a 40 minute walk away from the university library, I come in most days.
Read More

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