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When Spring looms

Posted by Eleanor Brooks Roadshow Blogger

There comes a time, sometime after January. When the fear returns to students as Easter looms on the horizon. Bringing with it warmer weather, crème eggs, flowers, exams and deadlines. At this point in the year, no one is too incredibly busy, but all are very aware of how busy they will soon become.… Read More


Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

Now that exams are over, I can indulge myself in my hobbies before the next semester starts. These hobbies include, eating, travelling and learning languages.
As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve decided to treat myself to a trip to Paris where I can enjoy an abundance of pastries and bread.… Read More

Oat-rage in the kitchen

Posted by Tom Coope

Inspired by recent television events and to commemorate the programme’s premature departure from the BBC, I thought I’d pay a simple tribute to The Great British Bake Off, by making a tray of flapjacks to thank all the staff at the GP surgery where I’ve been on placement for the last couple of months.… Read More

Baking chronicles

Posted by Sara Yassine

If there’s one thing that most people know about me, it’s that I don’t cook. When left to my own devices I burn everything, melt plates, forget to take the wrapper off frozen pizza before heating and leave the oven on for hours.… Read More

Studying with Sherlock

Posted by Helena Fern

IMG_0286This past week has been revision, revision and more revision. Luckily everyone is also revising so nothing fun is going on. Except in our house, where everyone seems to have finished except me! I’ve recently taken to going to the library in the middle of the night because it’s the only time it’s quiet, and to avoid all the happy, carefree people at home!… Read More

Protein Pancakes

Posted by Rachel Underhill

I know that Shrove Tuesday has been and gone, but I’m a big pancake lover and definitely don’t think they should be constricted to one day a year only! After all what better brunch is there than pancakes?!

Procrastination got the better of me this week, and I decided to make some pancakes.… Read More

Settling in

Posted by Tom Coope

I’ve now been back in Cardiff for over a month and quickly settled back into student life here. My Erasmus placement in Germany is fast becoming a distant memory and although I do miss certain aspects of the European lifestyle, it’s been nice to catch up with friends and walk the reassuringly familiar streets of Cathays once again.… Read More

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