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Posted by Elen Roberts

Cue drumroll. After two whole years of researching firms, writing applications and cover letters, doing a heap of psychometric and written tests, networking online and in the flesh, and travelling between Cardiff and London (First Great Western has made a tidy profit out of me, especially this year, as I was in London on average twice a month), I have found the Holy Grail i.e.… Read More

#27 Tic(k) toc(k)

Posted by Elen Roberts

It’s time to go …

Law libraryIn the picture (right) I’m returning a book to the law library for the last time this academic year. As you can probably see on my face, I was quite pleased. It’s going to be great not to have to cram my head with facts over the summer.… Read More

#25 #LawStudentProblems

Posted by Elen Roberts

On Twitter I follow an account named @LawVicissitudes, which tweets under the hashtag #LawStudentProblems about common issues that law students face all over the world (although it mostly focuses on Commonwealth jurisdictions). It’s a humorous portrayal of the ups and downs of being at law school.… Read More

#18 Maximising your chances

Posted by Elen Roberts

As I have discovered over the past 18 months, applying for training contracts and/or vacation schemes at law firms is like having another part-time job in addition to my teaching and outreach work. … Read More

#14 Law and morality

Posted by Elen Roberts

With the UK national elections fast approaching in May, the past week has been a scandalous one in British politics.

It was reported that the Swiss branch of the HSBC bank aided 1,100 of its super rich clients evade paying corporate taxes worth billions of pounds.… Read More

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