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London Calling

Posted by Tom Coope

One thing that all medical students look forward to at Cardiff is the final year elective- a period of 8 weeks where you get the chance to experience a particular area of medicine, almost anywhere in the world. It falls at a good time, after completing all exams, so the pressure is off, allowing for some rest and relaxation, alongside spending time on the wards.… Read More

Time to unwind

Posted by Kailea Turner

Third year is proving to be very stressful, god forbid I have a decent nights sleep after a day of developing my dissertation. So I thought it was important to get away for a while. Before I got busy with my exams and getting into uni I used to visit my Granddad in Surrey at least once a year, but naughty me I hadn’t been for 3 years.… Read More

Cardiff, London, Paris!

Posted by Helena Fern

So whilst I’ve been rambling about our house over Easter, going to the library and working a bit, I decided to make an impromptu trip to London! I got the MegaBus down on Friday, my first ever! It was mostly uneventful, a bit more cramped than being on a train, and the toilet situation wasn’t great, but then the whole journey was only £8 so you can’t complain really!… Read More

Hire me?

I’m almost 22, and for the first time in my four years at uni I’m having to actively start pursuing what I am going to do when I complete my masters. It’s weird to actually think that I now have to think about life after uni; where I want to live (London), who I want to live with (friends I hope) and what job I want to be in (PR fingers crossed!).… Read More


Posted by Elen Roberts

Cue drumroll. After two whole years of researching firms, writing applications and cover letters, doing a heap of psychometric and written tests, networking online and in the flesh, and travelling between Cardiff and London (First Great Western has made a tidy profit out of me, especially this year, as I was in London on average twice a month), I have found the Holy Grail i.e.… Read More

#27 Tic(k) toc(k)

Posted by Elen Roberts

It’s time to go …

Law libraryIn the picture (right) I’m returning a book to the law library for the last time this academic year. As you can probably see on my face, I was quite pleased. It’s going to be great not to have to cram my head with facts over the summer.… Read More

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