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Support at University

Posted by Kate Powell

University can seem like a daunting experience when you’re in school, but personally, I think it’s just the fear of the unknown. For me, university has been the greatest experience I have had so far! It’s given me the opportunity to learn much more about the subject I love, gain more friends than I can remember the names of and to become more independent.… Read More

Hello! My name is…

Posted by Hayley Taylor

‘Hello! My name is Hayley Taylor and I’m a 3rd year medical student.’ I can’t even begin to imagine how many times I’ve had to say this sentence after nearly 8 weeks on placement at the Royal Glamorgan hospital! I’m about to start the last week of my ‘oncology and surgery’ block and to be honest I feel mentally like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!… Read More

Trust me I’m a medical student

Posted by Kate Powell

Only two weeks of the term left and after finishing my first placement bock it already feels like the Christmas break is here! I can’t believe just how much has been fitted just into one term!

As a third year, we have finally been released from the lecture theatre and now spend a lot of our course time out on placement in hospitals all across Wales.… Read More

London Calling

Posted by Tom Coope

One thing that all medical students look forward to at Cardiff is the final year elective- a period of 8 weeks where you get the chance to experience a particular area of medicine, almost anywhere in the world. It falls at a good time, after completing all exams, so the pressure is off, allowing for some rest and relaxation, alongside spending time on the wards.… Read More

On the road (again)

Posted by Tom Coope

Just as I was beginning to settle back into life in Cardiff, it’s time to hit the road once more. As you progress through medicine, the majority of your time is spent on placement in hospitals or in the community. Most of these take place in the areas surrounding Cardiff, but eventually it involves travelling further afield to hospitals across Wales.… Read More


Posted by Tom Coope

Exams are finally over! Well at least for another couple of months until the next set, so a definite reason for a brief hiatus before returning to the shackles of revision. A sometimes slightly frustrating aspect of studying medicine is that assessments tend to be timetabled outside of the normal exam period, which for most students is around May or June.… Read More

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