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Who thought January exams would be a good idea?

Posted by Jackson Li

Christmas is fast approaching and, although everyone is buzzing to get home for the holidays, there’s something lurking in the back of your mind. January exams lurk around the corner threatening to ruin the holiday season, it really is a shame that we have to worry about revising when we are trying to unwind and enjoy some family time – perhaps picking up a few shifts to struggle back to the surface of our overdraft.… Read More

Revision tips for tackling exams!

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger

Although Christmas was amazing, catching up with family and friends from school it was quite weird being back home. I’ve realised how independent I’ve become from being in university for only a few months. I’ve grown so used to; cooking for myself and doing everything on my own, managing my time and planning my days which I’m pretty good at surprisingly, so slotting back into family life was quite strange for me.… Read More


Posted by Tom Coope

Exams are finally over! Well at least for another couple of months until the next set, so a definite reason for a brief hiatus before returning to the shackles of revision. A sometimes slightly frustrating aspect of studying medicine is that assessments tend to be timetabled outside of the normal exam period, which for most students is around May or June.… Read More

Run the world

Posted by Helena Fern

This week the Easter holidays started and I’ve decided to stay inIMG_9782 Cardiff for the three weeks! I’ve been working a bit, trying to restore some of my depleted savings! At the beginning of the week I helped out on some site visits, doing some campus tours, luckily when the weather was good and we had a scavenger hunt to do around the uni which was fun!… Read More

January Blues

Posted by Tom Coope

dec2.3The Christmas season is drawing to a close. Wrapping paper litters the floor whilst assorted family members doze on every available sofa or chair, the combination of food, drink and festivities finally taking its toll. Pine needles fall from the branches of the Christmas tree like an organic sand timer, counting down the days until it’s once again time to leave the comforts of home behind and head back to Welsh capital.… Read More

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