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A Day in the Life of a Journalism Student

Posted by Guest Blogger

Sherlock and Watson running out of Cardiff Universities Main Building Being a journalism student at Cardiff uni comes with impressive opportunities. The Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies school (also known as JOMEC) has a great reputation in the industry, named number 1 in the country by the Guardian! Cardiff itself is also well recognised in terms of media particularly with popular shows such as Sherlock and Doctor Who being frequently filmed on campus.… Read More

Bywyd myfyriwr hanes

Posted by Sara Yassine

Doedden i ddim gwastad eisiau astudio hanes, roedden i eisiau astudio’r gwyddorau…hynny yw, tan i Lefel A ddigwydd… Mae’n syndod pa mor wahanol byddai’r ochr academaidd o fywyd prifysgol wedi bod. Byddech chi bron yn bendant yn cael eich ffrindiau BSc yn trio dweud fod eich gradd ddim yn waith caled/ddim gwerth gymaint, ond beth am yr holl sgiliau trosglwyddadwy?… Read More

Settling in

Posted by Tom Coope

I’ve now been back in Cardiff for over a month and quickly settled back into student life here. My Erasmus placement in Germany is fast becoming a distant memory and although I do miss certain aspects of the European lifestyle, it’s been nice to catch up with friends and walk the reassuringly familiar streets of Cathays once again.… Read More

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