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Exploring your city!

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger

It’s coming up to the end of first year and it’s just all gone so fast. There’s been so many new things thrown at me which has made every day busy. I’ve made so many amazing friends that I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t have come here.Read More

Summer Time

Posted by Sara Yassine

This summer holiday was the last summer holiday before adult-with-a-job life commences.  I shouldn’t complain though because some didn’t even get a summer holiday if they applied for jobs with immediate starts…


Summer in Cardiff is usually quite eventful, with lots of outdoorsy things to do if the sun is out.… Read More

Learning to Drive

Posted by Gareth Short

Driving is widely seen as a rite of passage for 17 year olds wishing to demonstrate their freedom and independence in today’s modern world. When I left for Norway at 16 I thought I’d have time to take care of a license when I get back for summer.… Read More

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