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Winter is on its way!

Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

It’s that time of the year when the days are getting shorter and shorter and when you start and leave university in the dark. It’s the time when the temperatures drop and all you feel like doing is staying in bed under your 15 Tog duvet.… Read More

Baby it’s cold outside…

Posted by Hayley Taylor

‘Baby it’s cold outside’…
One of my favourite Christmas songs, but also what I say to my friends every morning as soon as I step out of my front door. It’s got to that time of year again where the weather has most definitely ‘turned’, and it never fails to come as a shock to me when it happens!… Read More

Interview Tips!

Posted by Kailea Turner

Remember when I said I got a job from my first interview? I thought I could share some tips with you to help you for yours. Some of them are probably really straight forward, and in that case feel free to ignore, but some of them might just be what you need to land the job, so listen close caterpillar (god I am even talking like an sorta-adult know, gross)

So, as I am sure you know, first impressions are key in an interview.… Read More

Eating well with limited resources

Posted by Eleanor Brooks Roadshow Blogger

I come to the realisation every so often that what I’m eating has begun to effect the way I feel and work. It’s no surprise after weeks of takeaways, crisps and chocolate and little actual vegetables that I become more lazy and just feel generally gross.… Read More

Judgement Day

Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

For most welsh people judgement day is a rugby event where welsh rugby powerhouses battle it out. For me, however, judgement day is also known as results day. I had a long think about how to approach this week’s blog post.… Read More

Revision tips for tackling exams!

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger

Although Christmas was amazing, catching up with family and friends from school it was quite weird being back home. I’ve realised how independent I’ve become from being in university for only a few months. I’ve grown so used to; cooking for myself and doing everything on my own, managing my time and planning my days which I’m pretty good at surprisingly, so slotting back into family life was quite strange for me.… Read More

A well deserved break

Posted by Nicolas Pottier Blogger

Many of my French friends and family will describe me, as “maman poule” which literally translated is mother hen. I am not sure if it has the same meaning in English but as a hen would protect its eggs by covering them, I will make sure everyone around me is happy and well taken care off.… Read More

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