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Easter in Orkney!

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger

For the first week of the Easter holidays I had an amazing trip travelling up to the Orkney islands (Island off Scotland) with a friend and their family as they have relatives up there. I’ve never been to Scotland so I was excited to see what it would be like.… Read More

The perks of Reading Week

Posted by Christabel Lungu HE Roadshow Blogger

After the first five weeks of starting uni I began getting used to cooking for myself, doing my own washing and having my own life but also getting really immersed in my new English and Philosophy course. The only thing I began to struggle with was the amount of reading I had to do, especially as I’m a super slow reader.… Read More

Top travelling tips

Posted by Rachel Underhill

Summer is finally just around the corner (well, at least it was sunny this weekend), which means that a lot of students are thinking about setting out their summer travelling plans. Having been away for two months, and learnt the hard way, I thought it might be useful to share my top tips for successful travels:

1.Read More

Cardiff, London, Paris!

Posted by Helena Fern

So whilst I’ve been rambling about our house over Easter, going to the library and working a bit, I decided to make an impromptu trip to London! I got the MegaBus down on Friday, my first ever! It was mostly uneventful, a bit more cramped than being on a train, and the toilet situation wasn’t great, but then the whole journey was only £8 so you can’t complain really!… Read More

Studying Abroad

Posted by Gareth Short

Universities offer a whole host of different opportunities to study abroad, particularly for modern language students but also other subjects. These trips have become increasingly popular as students become more aware of the benefits of living and educating abroad in a rapidly globalised world.… Read More

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